Unicode Code Point Lookup

Convert Unicode Code Point Numbers to Text and Vice Versa

Unicode Code Point Lookup is a Unicode encode decode online tool to convert Unicode codepoint numbers to text and vice versa by DagonMetric Myanmar Tools.

Version: 2.2.2


  • Ability to use offline (Progressive Web Application - PWA)
  • On the fly converting Unicode hex numbers in UTF-32, UTF-16, and UTF-8 formats to their Unicode characters
  • Auto detect Zawgyi and Myanmar Unicode font encodings and display correctly
  • Custom fonts can be used for input/output text boxes
  • Supported input code point formats: C style (\U000000), JavaScript/Java style (\u0000), ES6 style (\u{0000}), U+HEX style (U+0000), \x hex numbers style (\x00)
  • Supported output code point formats: JavaScript/Java style (\u0000), ES6 style (\u{0000}), U+HEX style (U+0000)